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2002 PCGS MS70 American Silver Eagle RARE One of 2,540

2002 PCGS MS70 American Silver Eagle RARE One of 2,540
2002 PCGS MS70 American Silver Eagle RARE One of 2,540

2002 PCGS MS70 American Silver Eagle RARE One of 2,540

Sign Up For OurMailing List. 2002 PCGS MS70 American Silver Eagle RARE One of 2,540! Consider adding the rare 2002 American Silver Eagle to your collection or portfolio. · Less than 3,000 of the 2002 vintage PCGS MS70 American Silver Eagle Blue Label RARE were graded as a perfect 70 (very scarce).

· All grades are surely to increase in value once the reimagined reverse side is released in just a few short weeks. · American Silver Eagle bullion coins may be used to fund Individual Retirement Account investments. · Each coin is a work of art in its grace and beauty (our favorite reason).

Rich in history, the creation of the Eagles was perhaps the most important development in the coin world. As the official silver bullion coin of the United States, the American Eagle was released by the US Mint on November 24, 1986. In 1985, James Baker, Secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration. He signed the "Liberty Coin Act". Since its first release, the iconic design of these beautiful gems is known as the most beloved and most sought-after US Coin ever minted.

Photos are representative of the quality and beauty of the coin you will receive. American Eagles are among the most highly sought after pieces by any contemporary coin collector. But it quickly caught the interest of coin collectors because of the unique beauty of its design. Today, it is now in its 35th year of annual production. Among the American Eagle coins that are particularly in demand are the first year release from 1986, the End of WWII Anniversary Coins, and the very recently released 2021 American Eagles, which incidentally features a brand new reverse design that has never been seen on any American Eagle before. Here at Best Collectible Coins, avid collectors and silver investors can enjoy a diverse range of choices of American Eagle coins of a variety of types and from different years. Our inventory is particularly extensive when it comes to the inaugural edition and both type 1 and type 2 of the 2021 coins. Almost all of our coins have received a perfect 70 grade on the Sheldon Scale, making any of them an ideal addition to your collection. Coin collectors have always been enthralled with the American Eagle coins because of the intricacy of its design on both sides.

The obverse carries the stunning figure of the Walking Liberty, created by famed designer Adolf Weinman. The original reverse design, which was the Heraldic Eagle, was the masterpiece of John Mercanti. The new reverse, which features a more realistic portrayal of an American bald eagle in mid-flight poised to land, comes from the imagination of talented coin designer Emily Damstra and was engraved by the equally talented Michael Gaudioso of the US Mint.

If you are an investor, you would probably be more interested in acquiring the American Eagle coins for their 1 Troy ounce of. American Eagles are actually the most popular silver bullion coins in the world today because of their high liquidity, hence a rather easy return on investment. No matter what your reasons may be for wanting to have these treasured coins in your possession, you can be sure that our selection here at Best Collectible Coins will give you plenty of options to choose from.

We have First Day of Issue, First Strike, Advanced Releases, Type 1, Type 2 - just name it and we probably have it. You can be sure that we will do our utmost to help you locate the exact coin that you need.

Hand Signed American Eagle Coins. American Eagle coins are already quite valuable as they are but when they come with the signature of the person who created the design or did the engraving, its value shoots up dramatically. After all, for avid coin collectors, what could be a greater honor than to have the autograph of some of the highly distinguished individuals in the world of numismatics included in their treasured collection? Here at Best Collectible Coins, we are very proud to offer limited edition coins that bear the signatures of coin greats such as John Mercanti, Emily Damstra, Michael Gaudioso and Edmund Moy, among many others.

Among all the American coin engravers in history, there is no doubt that John Mercanti is the most famous. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that his signature is the one that is most in demand in the American Eagle coin program. With Mercanti's signature on the label, a coin's value would be magnified tremendously. Mercanti's greatest contribution to the coin world is his design of the Heraldic Eagle that adorned the reverse side of the American Silver Eagle coins from 1986 to 2021. The design featured an eagle with widespread wings clutching an olive branch and arrows in its talons. This design was chosen by the Commission of the Fine Arts as the winner of a contest to determine the new reverse design of the American Eagle, which was then yet to be released. After 35 years of adorning the reverse of the American Eagle coins, it was time for Mercanti's epic design to retire, and what better to replace it than the striking Landing Eagle created by professional coin designer Emily Damstra. In contrast to the still pose of its predecessor, Damstra's eagle is in mid-flight and about to land, wings outstretched, talons firmly grasping an oak branch. Damstra has created numerous coin designs for the US Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint. As a new name in the American Eagle coin program, Damstra's signature on the first release of the new reverse is very much in demand among collectors around the world.

As one of the vastly talented engravers and sculptors at the US Mint for the past 10 years, it is only fitting that Michael Gaudioso finally gets his well-deserved global recognition by doing the engraving for the new reverse of the American Eagles. Among Gaudioso's latest achievements in the coin world is the engraving of the commemorative coin for the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame, as well as the commemorative coin for the 2016 American Legion.

Edmund Moy was appointed by Pres. Bush as US Mint Director in 2006. Under his management, the US Mint had produced quite a number of distinctive and sensational coins that strongly attracted the interest of collectors and investors.

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation thought it a good idea to have Moy grace the labels of some of these coins with his signature. The idea proved a success and the signature considerably raised the value of the coins. Without a doubt, there are definitely some of the biggest names in the contemporary coin world and having some special coins that are hand signed by them would certainly be a great honor. The sheer beauty of the American Eagle coins is in itself a perfectly valid reason to collect them but as mentioned, the added bonus of a signature from either the designer or the engraver, or even both, would be a very special treat indeed. With these hand-signatures, an otherwise typical American Eagle coin will instantly become more exclusive, more expensive, and more enticing to the eye of fellow collectors.

You will be pleased to know that here at Best Collectible Coins, we have all the hand-signed coins mentioned above, as well as the signatures of many more artists and engravers of the famous American Eagle coins. Why Collect or Invest in American Silver Eagles? The American silver coin is the most in-demand coin in the world. Since it was introduced by the United States Mint in 1986, more than 300 million have been released (as of 2019). There are two main kinds of silver eagle coins - bullion, proof silver, and burnished (uncirculated) silver eagles.

These coins are not only a collectors' item but can also constitute a profitable investment asset, especially for those still learning the rudiments of investing. Here are a few reasons to collect or invest in silver eagle coins. Unlike other investment assets that require a significant understanding of terms like fundamental analysis and technical analysis, among others, you only need basic level knowledge [such as the ability to tell between a real and fake silver eagle coin] to start investing.

There's also no need to fret over volatility in market prices because silver eagles tend to appreciate with time. Silver eagles can be a good inflation hedge. Hence, silver eagles can help you store value during periods of inflation.

At least they offer more stability than cryptocurrencies, stocks, and some other investment assets. They can be collected as treasures and gifts. These coins have been described as the most beautiful coins in the world. Hence, such beautiful coins from a country that boasts the world's most influential currency will be an ideal collectors' item.

Moreover, they can also be offered as gifts, not only because of their value but also for their artistic, treasure-like beauty. Thank you for shopping at Best Collectible Coins. If there is anything that we can do to further assist you, please let us know within 5 days of receiving your package. In order to make a return, be sure that your item is undamaged and includes all original packaging in the same condition as when received.

Welcome to Best Collectible Coins, where avid coin collectors, serious silver investors and lovers of beautiful things all come together and find exactly what they are looking for! We are your one-stop-shop for all your American Eagle coin needs. We have coins from every year since the US Mint started the program in 1986.

Whether you are looking for Bullion Coins, Proof Coins, Burnished Coins or even Reverse Proof Coins, you are very welcome to browse our catalog and you might just see exactly the coin that you need. Here at Best Collectible Coins, we offer you the largest selection of the finest Gold and Silver American Eagle Proofs and Bullions that you can ever find, and at very reasonable prices. While we have hundreds of coins that you can choose from, we do specialize in a few select classifications of coins from the American Silver Eagle Collection. One of these is the 1986 inaugural edition, which was the very first release of the coin and can be very hard to find. We also have the End of WWII Anniversary Coins, valuable pieces that any coin collector would be happy to include in their collection. The very recently released 2021 coins featuring the new design on the reverse are very much in demand among coin collectors around the world and of course, we won't be caught without some of these coins for you to choose from. Our selection of 2021 American Eagles is quite comprehensive.

It includes both signed and unsigned editions, and you get to choose whose signatures you want on the label. Having an American Eagle hand signed by master engravers John Mercanti or Michael Gaudioso, or designers Emily Damstra and Adolph Weinman, is simply an opportunity that one must not pass by. In fact, these signatures can be rare to find. That is why we are very pleased to offer you a number of Eagles with these rare signatures that you certainly don't want to be missing from your collection. And to ensure that they remain in pristine condition until they reach your doorstep, our coins are all professionally handled by trained coin experts that always wear white gloves.

Whether you are a seasoned coin collector or a budding numismatist just starting to take an interest in the hobby, you are very welcome to explore our shop and look around! Each member of the BCC team possesses a sincere passion and deep understanding of the coin collecting business. We strive to provide all the coins that customers are looking for. Should you be in need of something that is not in our catalog, do feel free to get in touch with us and we will see what we can do right away.

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  • Coin: American Eagle
  • Certification: PCGS
  • Precious Metal Content per Unit: 1 oz
  • Grade: MS 70
  • Year: 2002
  • Brand/Mint: U.

    2002 PCGS MS70 American Silver Eagle RARE One of 2,540